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How do Push Notifications work in other languages?

Last Updated: Sep 04, 2013 11:11AM PDT

Question: Will Urban Airship automatically translate the text I push to devices based on the device language setting?

Answer: No. If you want to send translated messages to your user base you will need to take the following steps.
First you'll need to use our tagging API to tag your audience based on their preferred language. You can tag indiscriminately, or you can build your tags based on the languages you are willing to support. For example, if you want to support French "fr" and English "en", you'll need to have a default tag that gets used if a user has a preferred language of Chinese "zh". If you don't specify a default language tag, you risk missing this audience entirely when sending out push notifications, since you would only be sending notifications to the "fr" and "en" tags. If you have a large worldwide audience, you will likely never send a broadcast notification without specifying an associated language tag. Language is an important item to consider before you roll out the application, this will allow you to tag your audience accordingly.

Question: Will your administration tool at "go.urbanairship.com" display translated text based on my browser preferences?

Answer: Not currently, our site at "go.urbanairship.com" is only rendered in English.

Question: What will a push notification look like if I send it out in English, and the user has set their device language to another language?

Answer: Below you can see a push notification sent to a device that has a language sent of French. The iOS specific buttons are displayed in the preferred language set on the device, while the app name and the push notification are retrieved from the app and from the push payload respectively.

Question:  Do you support Double Byte Character Sets?

Answer: Yes, below is an example of a push sent in Chinese: