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Optimize your Helium Application for the Kindle Fire

Last Updated: Aug 16, 2013 11:58AM PDT

*Please note, Helium is being sunset as of May 1st for all Android devices including Nook and Kindle.

Identify Kindle Fire users with Urban Airship tags

Use a tag to identify Kindle Fire users and target notifications to those devices. To set a tag for device type, add the following to your app after calling UAirship.takeOff():
Set<String> tags = new HashSet<String>();
tags.add(Build.MODEL); // Adds a "Kindle Fire" tag on that device

// Add additional tags with:
// tags.add(<string>)

// Update tags on Urban Airship's servers

Run the app in a separate process

Running the Helium push notification service in a separate process can allow the lightweight service to run alongside your main application process. When running in a separate process, the push service will be unaffected if the application is killed or crashes. To run the service in a separate process, simply add the “android:process” attribute to the service element in your AndroidManifest.xml and provide a name for the process. If the name starts with a colon, the process will be private to your application:
    <service android:name="com.urbanairship.push.PushService" android:process=":aPrivateProcess"/>

Formatting Notifications on the Kindle Fire

The Kindle Fire has a larger screen and a different look and feel than most other Android devices. You may want to customize the layout for your application's notifications. For information on customization and large-screen support, please refer to our documentation and the KB article on tablet-specific formatting.
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