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Inactive Device Tokens

Last Updated: Jan 03, 2014 02:23PM PST

There are times during development or perhaps you've launched your app to the app store and you see either your token or messages of inactive tokens in your UA application. We mark a device token as inactive when one of three things happen:

  1. Apple tells us that the application has been uninstalled via the feedback service, which we check on a regular basis.
  2. Apple rejected the device token for your app upon receipt of the notification at their servers. This is generally accompanied by an error message in your UA dashboard error console. You can find more information about what causes this in this support article.
  3. We receive an explicit delete call on the device token, which marks it as inactive and clears the alias and any associated tags.
  4. If the device token was created when iOS 6 was installed, and the device has since updated to iOS 7, the old device token is eventually rejected by Apple because the device now has a new, app-specific iOS 7 device token. To check your current device token, please see this support article.

In any case, applications should expect and handle inactive device tokens properly. We recommend that developers either:

  1. Register the device token every time the application is opened, like our sample app does, or
  2. Use our feedback API regularly, store inactivated device tokens in your own database, and send registrations when the device token becomes active again.

(This article applies to push for iOS only)