How is the Activity Log different from the Messages Overview?

After sending a notification, there are a couple places in the Urban Airship dashboard you can go to find information about the push: the Messages Overview page, and the Activity Log. Read on to learn about the different information found on each of these pages. 

Messages Overview

The Messages Overview page in the Urban Airship Dashboard provides a summary of sent, scheduled, and automated messages as well as access to where the messages are created.

If you do not have a Messages menu in your dashboard, you may be using one of our Engage API edition plans. Our API plans are meant to be used strictly with our API and have limited access to features in the dashboard. If you would like to upgrade your plan, please contact your account manager or Urban Airship Technical Support at

The History tab

The History tab displays a list of all the messages that have been sent using the Message Composer which is accessed through the orange New Message button or the deprecated gray New Push Message button used for sending to Windows (in the legacy Message Composer), or the Create New button in the new Message Composer.

Each message shown on the History tab can be recreated in the Message Composer by clicking the Duplicate Message icon:



Reports on the performance of the message can be accessed through the Preview Report and View Full Report icons. 


Screen_Shot_2016-06-30_at_12.34.38.png           Screen_Shot_2016-06-30_at_12.34.45.png


The Drafts Tab

The Drafts tab contains any pushes that you create in the Dashboard that have been saved to complete the setup at a later date. 


The Scheduled Tab

The Scheduled tab contains all the messages that are scheduled to go out in future. Unlike the History tab, here you can see messages that have been scheduled through the API. 



The Automated Tab 

The Automated tab, you guessed it, contains Automated messages that are set up to be sent based on events such as the first time a user opens an app or when a tag is added to the app. Like the Scheduled tab, messages created through the API are visible here. 

The Automated tab also provides the option to deactivate or reactivate a message by changing the Status. 



Activity Log

To view the Activity log, navigate to Messages > Activity Log. Much like the History tab in the Messages Overview, the Activity Log shows a list of sent messages, but includes messages send through the API.

Unicast messages do not appear in the Activity Log. A unicast message is a notification that is sent to a single device directly (using the Channel ID or another method). A message sent to a Named User or tag is not a unicast message (even if sent to a single device).

  • Filter the list by date by clicking the down arrow and choosing a date or date range.
  • Download a CSV file of the messages that are currently showing in the log. Click Download CSV of Current View to export this information.
  • To see preview information for each message in the detail view, click Detail
  • To see the full report for each message, click the Message title.  


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