How to Retrieve the Channel ID using the Channel Finder (SDK 6.1+)

We recommend that you send a test message to the app on a test device (or a group of test devices) prior to sending to your desired audience to ensure all is functioning as expected. To send the test message, you'll need to address it to the app's Channel ID. Follow the steps outlined below to obtain the Channel ID. 

The built in tool for displaying the Channel ID requires SDK version 6.1 or above. 
  1. Submit an email request to with the subject "Request Token for Channel ID".  Include your App Key in the request. To locate this, go into the dashboard and select the application from which you send messages to your audience. The App Key itself can be found under Settings > APIs and Integrations. There are many values here, but we only require the App Key at the top.



The unique string that the Support Team create for you will ONLY work with the App Key that you provide. If you require strings for both your production and staging applications, both App Keys will be required.
    1.  Urban Airship Technical Support will send you an email containing an alphanumeric string.
    2. Open the email on the device with the app installed.
    3. Highlight the string and copy it to your device's clipboard:




    1. Open the application.
    2. If successful, a pop up will appear with another unique string. This is your Channel ID. Click Copy and paste the string to an email to send it back to yourself:



  1. You now have the channel ID for your device. If you need more channel IDs for your colleague’s devices, ensure they have the same version of the application on their device, and then send them the string and instructions on how to reveal the channel ID.
  2. You may now send a message to your own device by placing the channel ID into the 'Single Device' form field under the 'Audience' section:




N.B. If you want to share the test with an internal group, there are two options. 

a/ Create a list containing all the channel IDs. Information on how to create and upload a list can be found here -

b/ Add the channel IDs to the 'Test device' page. Information on how to add these values can be found here -