Can I change the pass from multi-use to single-use?

After a pass has been distributed, you may determine that the pass type needs to be limited to installation on a single device, or that a pass type that is limited to a single installation needs to be passed to additional devices.

There is no way to transform a pass from single-use to multi-use or vice-versa. 

Important questions to consider prior to distributing a pass:

  • Are users expected to frequently move between devices?
  • Are passes personalized or do they contain sensitive data?
  • Is a pass is appropriate for anyone under a certain group?


If a pass has already been sent out, Urban Airship recommends making a new pass and leaving distributed passes as is until the associated data is no longer valid.

In addition, you can assign Tags to passes so you can modify multiple passes simultaneously to do things like update information or expire them when the data no longer applies.

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